Braves win again

This was another tough loss for the Pirates to the Braves. They came back with a clutch base hit by Jack Wilson in the 7th but gave up an unearned run in the 8th that proved to be the difference.

Leaving the bases loaded in the 6th and 7th was definitely a disappointment. Seeing Jose Batista swing at the first pitch he saw after Ramirez had walked back to back hitters made me cringe. We need a little patience Jose! Freddy Sanchez was once again intentionally walked to load the bases for Jason Bay and once again the move payed off as Bay popped out to center. One of these times Bay is going to make them pay for walking Freddy! Bay then proceeded to drop a fly ball which was a tough play but it should have been made and the Braves were on their way to scoring the winning run. A perfect bunt by Giles and a sac fly by Renters scored the winning run and the Pirates are denied a chance to take their 5th series out of 6 since the all-star break but 4-2 isn’t bad either!

Paul Mahala had a great outing and it seems like he is really turning the corner. In his last 4 starts he has gone 26.1 innings and allowed 11 earned runs which is an impressive era of 3.79. We are finally starting to see the pitcher we expected after last years nice run.

I am really looking forward to Chicano’s first start as a Pirate tomorrow afternoon. He will face Tim Hudson as the Pirates try to avoid a sweep by the Braves. Hopefully Chicano can revert to his form of last year and early this year and shake off his recent struggles with the Yankees. I really think he will be good for us! See you all tomorrow!

Ending Note: I am scared about the players we gave up at the trade deadline. It seems like every time we get rid of someone who isn’t very productive he turns into an all star or Cy Young contender! Sean Casey hit a homerun in his first game after only hitting three with us in 59 games. Kip Wells got a win in his debut and matched his win total (1) with the Pirates all season! And Craig Wilson is 2-4 with the Yankees tonight which seemingly matches his hit total for the whole month of July! Oh well, only time will tell I guess!


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