Random Thoughts

Its 2:21 in the morning and I can’t sleep because I am having nightmares about Scott Olsen and Randy Nolasco’s dominance. There is no better time to blog in my mind!

Just some random thoughts passed through my mind in the last couple of minutes. I thought I would share them because, well, that’s what blogging is all about.

The difference between the Pirates and Marlins is that the Marlins young, talented pitchers are actually pitching well and living up to their hype where the Pirates young, talented pitchers are just young and the talent level is becoming to be a big question mark. Do you ever think this young staff will start to string together some good starts? I sure hope so.

How crazy is the Shea Hillenbrand situation? I got to wondering what if that happened in Pittsburgh. The best candidate to be Shea in Pittsburgh has to be Craig Wilson who is upset with his playing time and wants a trade. What if Craig wrote "play for yourself" on the board along with "Sinking Ship." (Although sinking ship doesn’t really have the same meaning in Pittsburgh as in Toronto. This ship seemingly went down with the Titanic.) And then, Jim Tracy challenges Wilson to a fight. I am 100 % positive that Wilson wouldn’t pass on the fight like Hillenbrand did. Actually, I am willing to bet everything I own that Wilson would morph into the early 90’s version of Mike Tyson and knock Tracy out with one punch. At least we would make the headlines.

This trade deadline is going to be very interesting. The Pirates have so many move-able pieces that there is no telling what can happen. Rumors are that San Diego is interested in Randa, New York is interested in Roberto Hernandez, Anaheim is interested in Wilson, and Tommy John is interested in Salomon Torres. Seriously, his arm is going to blow out any second now. The most unbelievable rumors involve Kip Wells. Whoever is interested must be ABSOLUTELY STARVING for pitching help. How is there a market for a starting pitcher who is 0-5 with a 8.28 era? This isn’t like Wells has been an all-star pitcher and is just having a down year either. In his last 62 starts he has won 13 times! Well I hope someone takes him, maybe we can get Jose Canseco for him straight up.

Let’s see if the guys can pull out a win against Dontrelle which would make them tie or win all 3 series since the all star break. The matchup doesn’t look favorable on paper:
Willis 6-7 3.94 era 86 k’s vs. Gorzelanny 0-2 9.26 era and 8 k’s. Like I said, not favorable on paper.

Ending Note: This isn’t proven but I am about 95 % sure that the Pirates have been in last place since Day 1 of the season. That’s pretty pathetic and very tough to do. Especially given how bad the Cubs have played this year. Oh well, 14th straight losing season and its going down in miserable fashion.


One comment

  1. Cory

    Two things:

    First, it’s Ricky Nolasco. When he crushes your team, you should get his name right.

    Second, yeah, we’ve been in last all year long. The Cubs have been miserable, but they only started being Pirates-bad when Lee went down. By then, the Bucs had the cellar locked up.

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