I wake up this morning a little sore from the 13-4 pounding the Pirates received last night and I begin to read the Post-Gazette on line. To my complete surprise, there is a snippet in it saying Mike Gonzalez is on the trading block.

I ask WHY???! Let’s see, Gonzo is a perfect 14-14 in save situations this year and 17-17 dating back to the end of last year. He has tied the record for most saves by a lefty in a season in Pirates history and has struck out exactly 1 batter an inning. Oh yeah, and Gonzo is only 28 years old! Then I keep reading and the reason Gonzalez may be shopped around is Matt Capps. Capps saves ONE game and all of a sudden we have Gonzo on the hot seat. I will be severely pissed off if Gonzalez is traded.

I have nothing to say about last nights game. I am just going to move on.

I am going to continue my evaluation of the Pirates season and focus on the outfielders. My purpose is to show fans that there is more good than bad on this roster and the future is really bright (even though it seems REALLY dull now)
Jeromy Burnitz-
I am just going to get him out of the way right now. Absolutely terrible season. The Pirates should give up trying to sign veteran outfielders to contracts. Do the names Derek Bell and Raul Mondesi ring a bell? Add Burnitz to those two and you have the three bigger wastes of money than the things they sell on late night infomercials. 2006 Season: Badder than bad

Craig Wilson- To expand on Jeromy Burnitz lets just look at the numbers shall we?
Burnitz    .226    12 hr    37 rbi    28 runs    .274 on base percentage     .413 slugging    .687 ops
Wilson    .274    13 hr    38        37          .351                                  .498                .849
Oh yeah and the biggest comparison- Burnitz $6 million, Craig- $3.3 million. Big upgrade Littlefield.
2006 season: Good

Jason Bay- No debate on this one. Bay and Sanchez are the only reasons Pirates fans stay relatively sane. Another great year for Bay capped with a start in the All Star game. Can’t ask for much more from him, except maybe a little better production with runners in scoring position. 2006 season: Good

Jose Bautista- Is hitting the cover off the ball recently. He has raised his batting average all the way up to .275 and has a lot of power (11 home runs in 204 abs) At 25 years old, Bautista is looking like a very good player for the future. 2006 Season: Good.

Nate McLouth- He has had a decent season and he is still young. I would like to see him hit for a higher average but he plays the game real hard and has some nice speed. He is also good defensively, a nice backup type player. 2006 Season- Good

As you can see with these hitters, the good outweighs the bad. Everyone knows that hitting hasn’t been our problem so a look at the pitching will better show how bright the future really is. 


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