First series win in recent memory

The Pirates took two of three from the Nationals which marked the first time in over a month the Pirates won a series. I am not sure how to react. Am I happy that they won a series? Or miserable they lost 8 in a row? Oh well, I guess you have to take the good with the pathetic right?

Trade talks are really heating up as Sean Casey and Jack Wilson are now added to the numerous veterans rumored to be on the market. The list of available players reads as follows: Craig Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jeromy Burnitz, Sean Casey, Joe Randa, Kip Wells, Salomon Torres, Damaso Marte, and Roberto Hernandez. This means that exactly 36% of our roster is being shopped around. The latest rumor has Kip Wells going to New York for the rights to Dwight Gooden. Seriously, if we find someone to take Kip Wells, Jeromy Burnitz and his $6 million dollar contract, or Joe Randa and his $4 million dollar contract and get someone in return who has a pulse Dave Littlefield should be paraded around town on the shoulders of Pirates fans. The only person that I would be upset about trading is Craig Wilson (and that is only because he is one of my favorite players.) Get rid of the other scrubs. I wonder if we could package all 9 of them and get back Andy Van Slyke? After all, we are still looking to replace him in center field, 12 YEARS LATER! I did hear a rumor that the Pirates tried to package Craig Wilson, Jeromy Burnitz and Salomon Torres to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera and a minor leaguer. The Yankees surprisingly shot it down. They apparently didn’t want TWO right fielders who lost playing time to Nate McLouth and are used in a platoon for a 32-61 team along with a reliever who, and I quote my friend who read out of Sporting News "Despite his 4.63 ERA and 1.47 WHIP, Pirate reliever Solomon Torres leads the majors with 53 games pitched. Pittsburgh fans liken him to a pop up ad-he’s always there, always ineffective and always offering nothing of value." The absolute perfect analogy!

On a positive note, the Pirates are starting to get some national recognition. Unfortunately, its been from Jay Leno bashing them. Whether its his cracks about the Pirates losing to Ghana, or the latest remark about the Pirates winning an ESPY for best women’s softball team, it makes me cringe. Nobody makes fun about my team except me! And they certainly don’t do it on national television. After all, weDdp_leno are being bashed by a guy who attempted to revive his career and show by teaming forces with Diamond Dallas Page against the formidable duo of "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff years back. He was so desperate to attract fans that he turned to WCW. That’s even more pathetic than the Pirates season. What’s worse is Leno’s performance was so poor his athleticism was compared to that of Andre The Giant but Leno didn’t move around as well. At least if you are going to make fun of multi million dollar athletes don’t sell your soul to the WCW.




    I’ve got a good feelinga bout thte bucs next year. If you look at the way theyve played without burnitz and with mclouth and bautista they’ve got good chemistry and have been playing well. you’ve gotta be impressed by kips preformance. 1 run through 6! that the kinda numbers we want from our overpaid youngster

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