My All Star Game Experience (Part 1)

I don’t have enough time right now to talk about my whole trip to the game but I can talk about most of it. Going to Pittsburgh to witness the 77th All Star game, and all the hoopla that surrounded it, was one of the top experiences in my life. The atmosphere in the town was electric and the whole scene was amazing.

Me and my father got in to Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon and headed into the FanFest. The convention center was HUGE and it had everything you can imagine inside of it. We walked through and found the ****’s Sporting Goods section. I had to get myself a Freddy Sanchez all-star shirt, which they said was one of the hottest selling shirts. At the fan fest we saw Jim Leyland signing autographs along with Ferguson Jenkins but the lines were really long and we still had to find some home run derby tickets. We also ran into Bill Mazeroski in between appearances and on his cell phone. Unfortunately, we didn’t recognize him until his picture showed up in the paper the next morning with the caption saying he was there. You can imagine how disappointed we were!

We ended up getting tickets to the Home Run Derby and made our way to the left-field bleacher seats. It’s more impressive seeing these home runs hit in person. Ortiz and Howard were absolutely crushing the ball. We were also about 15 feet from TWO Miguel Cabrera home run balls. The first one hit a fat, unathletic guy right in his hands but he dropped it and fell to the ground. The next one was one row in front of the fat guy and it bounced out of a kids glove and right into the fat guys hand. It was unbelievable that he got a second chance to make the catch!

Tuesday was the best day of the whole trip. We got to Pittsburgh early for the Red Carpet show and got a spot right along the fence at the very end of the parade where the players were only 5 feet away from us! When Freddy Sanchez drove by I was holding out my shirt and he pointed to it and pumped his fist! I was pretty excited. The funniest moment was when Paul Lo Duca rode by in his Chevy Avalanche and noticed my dad wearing a Mets shirt. He then stood up and starting shouting "Let’s Go Mets, Let’s Go Mets!" right to my dad and pumping his fist. It was pretty cool. Jason Bay also got a huge ovation. Alyssa Milano walked right by us and we had to take a picture because she is GORGEOUS! Also, we looked up and saw someone walking across the street towards us, it turns out to be Bobby Bonilla! Let’s just say he put on some pounds but it was good re-living the past! The Red Carpet Show was awesome!

Later tonight I can write about the game itself and some tidbits that I am sure I forgot to write about. Talk to you later!


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