3 L’s in a row

Just like that the Pirates are back on another losing streak. The Mets took the last three games of the series and sent us to Philly with the worst record in all of baseball. Its a low feeling knowing the entire baseball world is pointing and laughing at you saying "they are worse than the Royals!" Kip Wells entered the game on Wed. night with a 15.19 era and somehow he found a way to make his ERA go up after the first inning. I was happy to see him settle down and I hope that is a sign of things to come. Funny how the Pirates pitch 8 no-hit innings and still get blown out. Gorzy struggled last night and his command was way off. Is it me or has the whole staff taken two huge steps BACKWARDS? The way the Pirates have pitched the past two or three weeks has made my stomach more upset then a trip to the Pizza Hut lunch Buffet.

Paulino needs to work really hard in the off season to improve his defense. His pitch calling and work with the young pitchers has been amazing but the amount of errors and passed balls and stolen bases against him are starting to build up. His offense has been really good and I hope that he can become the whole package behind the plate. Freddy Sanchez continues to hit everything he sees and his average is up to .365 but Jason Bay and Jack Wilson continue to look like "lost little boys" if I can quote Ron Guidry. Nate McLouth somehow has turned into a power hitter as he hit a double, triple, and a home run in this series. If he keeps this up the FBI may start monitoring all shipments to his house.

Only 5 more days until I am in PNC watching the All-Star game. As Pirate fans we all could use this all-star break more than the players. Think about this: for 4 whole days there is no losing, no stress, no anger, and most of all no Jim Tracy! Oh how sweet it will be!

Final Note: The Pirates have given up more hits than any other team in Major League Baseball. At 868 hits given up (in 756.2 innings) they lead the Phillies by 17! Not exactly a vote of confidence for Jim Colborn who has a LOT of work to do.


One comment

  1. Cory

    Not quite “no Jim Tracy.” Don’t forget, Phil Garner’s letting Jimbo sit on the bench at the All-Star game with the big kids. Freddy and Jason are probably thrilled.

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