Complete Misery

I have a lot to say I don’t even know where to begin. I really am staring at the screen trying to figure out how they blew this one and where to start with my frustration. I can’t take these kind of loses anymore. This is the 25th one run loss the Pirates have suffered in the 85th game, which accounts for about 30 percent of their losses all season. At this pace, they will lose 47 one run games (and that’s with me rounding DOWN) which would set an all time record in futility. The record for most one run losses in a season is 44. This is just miserable. 

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Salomon Torres and the amount he is used. He has a great first inning of work but Tracy sends him out for his 56TH INNING of the season. I knew right then  it wasn’t going to be easy.  When he got Beltran, the first batter he faced in the 8th, to ground out I still wasn’t happy. Then it came. Walk to Delgado, Walk to David Wright and out jogs everyone’s favorite manager Jim Tracy. In comes Roberto Hernandez who gives up a double to Endy Chavez and a base hit to Nady. My heart sank but then I saw Nate McLouth make the throw of his life to beat Chavez to the plate by a good three steps. YES! I screamed at the top of my lungs foolishly thinking the Pirates would get the benefit of the doubt on a close play. I saw the umpire signal him safe and for that one instant I felt like I was 8 years old and Sid Bream just barely beat Mike LaVaillere’s tag at home plate to send the Pirates into a 14 year tailspin. I have to blame Paulino on this one. I thought he was out but it was a close play and the fact that Paulino didn’t block the plate and put the tag on Chavez’s knee didn’t help. Put that with his two throws to second base that made Chuck Knoblauch look like a marksman, and Paulino didn’t have a good defensive game. That being said, I still think Chavez was out and the throw beat him by at least three steps. Man this hurts. We can NEVER get a break.

TracyThen the moment of the game. Jim Tracy’s half hearted argument. He weakly throws his hat at the place Chavez slid and I read his lips calling it B.S. Then that’s it. About 30 seconds. At least he showed some emotion for once but I miss Lloyd McClendon throwing a tirade and taking second base home with him. (Yes I MISS LLOYD MCCLENDON!) At least he had emotion, he had a fire and he let people know when he was upset by getting in their face and letting the whole world know how he felt. Half the time, I am wondering if Tracy is awake. When Tracy came out I was expecting Bobby Knight but I got the Dali Lama.

I don’t get Zach Duke either. How can he cruise for three innings and then get ROCKED in the next. He looked unhittable through 3 innings then he gave up a four run, six hit, 4th inning. He has been doing this ALL year. He has one terrible inning but then cruises the rest of the time. It has to be mental right? And WHY did we take him out after 5.1 innings and 81 pitches. Why? Why? WHY?! God forbid we save the bullpen for ONE game.  I think I would rather have Jose Canseco managing this team, at least he would draw some attention. One good note is that his batting average is now   28 points higher than Humberto Cota’s. I wonder if he can catch?

I am getting too emotional, but someone has to do it. I can’t continue on with this post. I wish my life was on TiVo so I could just fast forward to next season.

DuanerFinal thought: To add insult to extreme depression, Duaner Sanchez got the win to go to 5-0. Yes the same Duaner Sanchez we let go after 8.2 innings. Since then, he has gone 12-8 with a 3.31 era and 147 strikeouts in 209 innings over two and a half years. Oh, hes still only 27. Another great movie by the Pirates. Happy 4th of July.


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  1. Cory

    Paulino’s sloppy defensive play probably has something to do with Jim Tracy running him out there everyday. Never in his career has he played this often, and on how many teams do you see a catcher consistently playing day games after night games? It’s not a great excuse, but it’s an excuse. Remember, he wasn’t even supposed to be in the bigs this year.

    I’m quite sure that Torres and/or Hernandez are being auditioned for trades, so I’m not at all concerned about them appearing so regularly. Matt Capps will burn out if he’s used every day for the rest of the season, but he only went 2/3 of an inning yesterday.

    There’s always a new day, and a new game. Unfortunately, Kip Wells is pitching today.


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