What a great night for Pirate fans. It only took until the 84th game of the season to "put it all together." Good pitching with timely hitting mixed with good defense am I sounding like Peter Gammons yet?  It felt really nice to completely dominate one of the better teams in baseball (Although they aren’t playing like it lately.) I can’t rip the Mets too hard though, my father, brother, and best friend are all die hard Mets fans, not to mention they have 19 more wins then Pirates. But the Mets pitching staff has been picked on worse than the nerdy kids in high school gym class lately.  I think you can credit this little rough patch for the Mets being a little complacent with a 10.5 game lead, but then again, who wouldn’t be.

BayBack to the good guys. How funny were those two Jason Bay plays. You know you are slumping when David Wright steals a double from you and first base steals a single from you, ending up with a hard hit ground out. For those of you who didnt see it, Jason Bay roped a grounder down the line and Wright made a great diving stop saving a double but his throw was high. As Bay was trying to stay away from the leaping Carlos Delgado he completely missed first base. Then he put on a Lindsay Lohan-like acting job trying to get back to first but Delgado taged him out. Later in the night Bay drilled a ball that Cliff Floyd caught on the hop but no one was sure if he caught it in the air. Bay looked as depressed as Damaso Marte when he found out he was traded from the White Sox to the Pirates because he thought Floyd robbed him of another hit. Turns out Floyd didnt catch it and Bay was called out for passing Sean Casey on the basepaths.

Maholm pitched like himself by getting in a lot of jams. However, tonight he got out of all of those james. I think he is going to be a solid pitcher for the Pirates for years to come. He won’t be great until they trade him away I’m sure. (See: Jason Schmidt)

JackI also find it funny that Jack Wilson is stuck in a month long slump. The funny part is Wilson hasn’t hit anything but he comes up with the bases loaded and swings at a pitch that almost hit him in the face and it falls for a single. Maybe that will turn him around a little because we need Jack to be hitting the ball well. Lets go for two in a row but it will be a tough task against Tom Glavine who has found a time machine and morphed back to his 1993 form when he was 22-6.

Ending Note: As people who have been reading my blog know, I like to end it with a little quote or stat. Today’s is: Paul Maholm has the highest WHIP of any starting pitcher in the NL that qualifies. His whip of 1.74 is 50th of 50 pitchers in the National League. You know there is a cause for concern when you are 14 spots behind Josh Fogg!


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  1. dtcc11@comcast.net

    I’ve got a good feelinga bout thte bucs next year. If you look at the way theyve played without burnitz and with mclouth and bautista they’ve got good chemistry and have been playing well. you’ve gotta be impressed by kips preformance. 1 run through 6! that the kinda numbers we want from our overpaid youngster

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